#Mother- First Teacher Of a Child#

Maa- a three letter word which comprises of whole world. She is the one who strives hard, overcome difficult situations & struggle of 9 months to give birth to her child. Child learns maximum of the things in her womb before birth & some are inbuilt in them by a mother.

She makes her kids learn to recognize their first place where they begin to start the journey of there life, where they use to live & call it as their home, where they begin to start their childhood, & makes them learn to recognize various things like vegetables, fruits, toys, sugar, & salt.

The first letter that a kid learn to speak is “Maa”. This word comprises the entire universe for her kid. She plays the role of a first teacher in life of her kid until the kid goes to school. She makes her kids learn etiquettes which help her kids to become the good childrens. She is the one who makes her kids learn to address their father, their grand parents, relatives & their siblings.

Its the only mother by holding whose fingers a child learns to walk, a mother is the most devoted member in a family who sacrifice her needs, her aspirations, her career & even her expectations. She is a person for whom her kids & spouse comprise of her beautiful world.

Mother is the only person who gives the first lesson to her child, makes her kids learn to know good & bad things, make them learn to value relations.

She makes her kids learn to have a balanced approach in relations. She makes the child to be obedient, to be punctual & to be disciplined in life. Mother is the only one who makes her kid to be independent in life. She makes them learn to do their tasks on their own.

Mother is the best adviser for her kids ,who whether educated or not, teaches the best lessons of life, she makes them learn to be best & unique in every sphere of life.

This is dedicated to all the Mothers . Let me know how it is. Please share your views.

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