#Trials & Hardships Of Single Parents#

Being single parent is the most challenging position in our society as it was not acceptable since earlier times,everywhere it was difficult if a parent is only a mother to justify herself on the various meaningless grounds on the other hand if it was a male it didn’t came to face such problems.
But with the passage of time the mindsets of people & society has gone through a drastic change & now whether it is a male & female, being a single parent is the most promising & most respectable rank in the society.
Being a single parent is a unique & hard core responsible way of parenthood. Single parent acts as a support for their kids even though they make their kids strong, inbuilt the capability of becoming independent & spirit of facing any adversity if comes in life.
It is a task that demands huge responsibilities as it is difficult to raise kids by own because as a single parent a person has to fulfill all the responsibilities, he or she has to play the role of both as a father & a mother ensuring that their kids should not feel inferior in any way.
There are many examples in today’s time where being single parent males or females both have proved themselves to be a better & even best parents for their kids.
For instance, Sushmita Sen a well known personality & celebrity have become a single parent she adopted two daughters on her own & gave them the better education,inbuilted the qualities, skills in them to be a better human being.
She has always tried herself to be a best single parent for her two daughters. While supporting them all the time in everything they need.
She has proved that its not a curse to be a single parent rather it is the most dignified rank in the society where you manage your kids by your own which makes you feel proud & the most dedicated parents of your kids.
Being a working women having so busy schedule she manages her time in order to spend time with her daughters. She never leaves a single moment to be with her daughters.
She always tries to devote her maximum time to her daughters. She never ignores any special moment whether it be her daughter’s school function, birthday celebration or family outing.
She has proved by her endless efforts, doing the best for her daughters making them feel proud of being daughters, the kids of their mom as a single parent.

Read it & share your views.

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