#Every Child is Special in Itself#

Children’s are the priceless gift of god to us. They give us one more way of memorizing our childhood in form of them. They bring ray of hope in our life. Children’s make our world beautiful, our family happy and complete the emptiness in our life with their birth.

They make the parents relationship even more strong than before. They makes us realize that god is always there with us in form of little “angels”..

They are the source of positivity in our life. Children’s gives us the new meaning of our life. They gives us the inspiration of doing better than before everyday.

Every child is unique in itself .They have something different in one way or the other. Some have high IQ , some have good humour, some are talkative, while some are silent, some are notorious, some are disciplined, some have good intuition, while some are beautiful like toys.

Every child has something that makes them superior than others. Each one of them have a special skill in them that needs to be find out.

Every child has some weakness & some strength as well. Some are mentally strong while others are physically weak. In our society these kids use to be called as disabled, handicapped & mentally retarded.

But that doesn’t means that physically or mentally weak kids can’t do anything better. These kids also have some unique talent hidden in them.

We as a parent should try to find out their interest areas, their hobbies , their talent & encourage them to do better in the particular interest area. In this way we can help them to pursue their aim in life.

There have been many instances that proved that physically weak kids have high sixth sense & a positive approach in comparison to other kids with a passion to achieve something in life & even they have proved it by their marvellous achievements..

Children’s are most valuable than anything is this world. They should be taken care of with full dedication and should be treated equally whether they are physically or mentally unfit.They should never feel themselves inferior in comparison to other kids in any way.

Every child is special in itself , the only need is to find out their hidden talent & bring it out and let them enjoy every moment of their life with full enthusiasm, with full fun and joy.

These are my personal views. If you like it please like & share your views with me.

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