# Importance of being a Housewife#

Women’s have always played a pivot role in managing her family and maintaining healthy family relations since earlier times.

A housewife to be known as ordinary women in society rather she is an extra ordinary person with a never giving up spirit always whatever the situation comes in life..

A housewife is a whole time unpaid employee in a house who manages all the affairs of home, her kids, her spouse and her in-laws. Her task is to maintain the house, greet the guests and perform all the duties and responsibilities towards her family.

She never gives up and all the time 24 hours standing on her feet performs endless work with not even a single wrinkle on her face. She never feels tired of doing work. Her entire life revolves around her small family comprising of her spouse, her kids and in-laws.

She lives for them and fulfilling their expectations is only the sole aim of her life. She devotes maximum of her time in managing all the things, all the home affairs, and continuously tries her efforts to keep her house updated according to time whether it lessens her to take out time for herself.

Housewife is a women who knows a real value of having a family, its importance and its relevance in earlier and in today’s time as well.

Even if a girl is highly educated but after marriage due to some circumstances, or situations she becomes housewife, sacrifices her career and utilizes her education, all her skills, all her capabilities and talent in managing her kids, her spouse and her in-laws.

For instance, people especially males have a trend to save money in savings accounts, FD’s in a bank for future of their kids and family but a housewife saves money in her life time account without any terms & conditions even in a situations when its difficult to save, where funds are low and expenses are high then also she tries to save money whether she has to avoid her expenses to do it but always have a belief and thinking of developing her kids well, supporting her spouse in all affairs. This is what called a Management.

Housewives should be appreciated for their continuous efforts in managing their home, their kids, their family affairs and keeping their family united.

We as a spouse, as a kids and as an in-laws should always encourage her to do better than before by always giving them a helping hand whenever they need in doing all these tasks and fulfilling her responsibilities by making her realize herself the importance of being a “housewife”….

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