#A housewife should also be given a holiday#

A housewife the person who lays the management of the house, kids, in-laws & guests..

She is the person who works 24 hours continuously without break all the time tries to manage her kids, spouse and home affairs.

She works enough to attend the guests and relatives, and prepares refreshments, lunch and dinner arrangements for them.

She is a full time employee who works without a salary and incentives. She is the sole responsible person for all the home affairs. Her life comprises of only her spouse , kids & in-laws.

She is the only person to take care of in-laws if gets ill, kids homework completion, spouse affairs and keep updating the house according to recent time and trends.

She is the person to keep records of all the bills paid or undue, kitchen grocery, manage all the functions arrangements if any, maintenance of house and even all the minor things ..

Housewife is the only person to manage the home affairs even with the limited money.. While doing so she even forgets to fulfill her necessary needs.

She keeps the house updated but in some or the other way leave behind to update herself.

She wakes up in the morning & start her task makes breakfast for kids ,spouse & in-laws ,lunch in afternoon, snacks in evening, dinner at night, do preparations for next day, & then takes rest at night after completing all the tasks.

She is the only person who works without a single leave, a single holiday .Throughout a week , months & even year she continuously works without a break. When we as a kids, as a spouse get off on weekends then why don’t a housewife?

Everyone needs a day to relax, to refresh to enjoy the day as they wish.

Housewife also needs a break at least one day in a week , to keep herself updated, to enjoy one day in a week according to her choice & to get refresh her energy for the whole week.

Housewife is the strongest pillar of the house who also needs to be taken care of. It can be done only when we will give them some time to spend according to their choices, when we will give them freedom to enjoy their life ..

In this way a housewife will be able to live her life with full enthusiasm while fulfilling all her responsibilities …

These are my personal views. It would be grateful for me to know how is it. Share your views with me if any..

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