#How not to hate Yourself#

Loving our self is hard, really hard. It’s so much easier to love someone else than it is look in the mirror & feel 100% satisfied with the person reflected back at us.

We all know that we should be our own biggest supporters, but it seems most of us struggle to accept ourselves in some way- be it our looks, where we are in our lives , or the decisions we have made. Instead we tend to hate elements of ourselves.

We use to hate ‘ugly’physical feature we were born with, we hate our lack of will power when we fail to live up to our expectations, that shouldn’t be done.. There is nobody in this world who has never been affected by low self-esteem & insecurities.

There are few ways how we can stop hating ourselves or how can we make our life happy:

  1. Treat yourself like a friend – We should talk with our self like a friend. It’s a fact we are very kind to our friends but not to ourselves without any reason. We should always advise our self like a friend. For an instance, if we are telling our self that we are a failure, because we got fired, at that moment we should try & imagine a friend coming to us with that same problem. In this way we will help them to encourage , accept the reasons why it happened, how there will be other opportunities out there for them which will help us to get best possible solution to our problem..
  2. Don’t compare yourself to people – ” One of the biggest thing we do is compare ourselves to other people, especially now with social media & instagram. When we feel insecure, we actively look for things that back up that negative view of ourselves. We also compare “upwards” to people we feel have much better lives than us . For instance, the most common way we torture ourselves by spending hours looking wistfully at celebrities, air brushed instagram feeds, & wondering why we are not as pretty, cool & fun as them- even when we know that it’s not reality. Obviously nobody has a perfect life , even that friend who always post the best insta pics & we should always try to remember that.
  3. Try to have a social media detox – Its been revealed through a study in 2016 almost 2000 among adults found “social media use is significantly associated with increased depression. People don’t realize how many hours they spend on social media . Almost as much as 5 years of our lives we spend in scrolling through our feeds on social media.
  4. You are more than your physical appearance – Body image is a huge source of self hatred & insecurity. This is particularly true in case of females, obsessing over physical flaws can make us forget any other positive attributes. Instead of fixating over our looks, we should focus on other qualities.
  5. Write down compliments – We should always have a habbit of writing down every compliment we receive as soon as it happens. It doesn’t matter how small- we should write them down. Normally we are too busy obsessing over negative things we avoid to notice the good things & that’s the biggest mistakes we always do.
  6. Be kind to yourself – It means recognizing our needs, & not pushing ourselves. That starts from accepting we are introvert & won’t always be the life & soul of a party, to forgiving our self for not working as hard as we could have when we were a student. It’s all about not pushing our self when we don’t fulfill a goal & setting achievable goals in the first place.

These are my personal suggestions. Please let me know how is this . Share your views with me

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