#Its Only Our way Of Thinking That Matters#

Its been prevalent since long years norms, rules and regulations are still in existence especially for girls. Time has change from 19th we have now entered to 21st century but still the rules, the norms & regulations for a girl, a women still exist same as it was in earlier times. Since birth as a girl daughters are taught to be obedient, abide by rules and regulations of our so called patriarchal society and habit of adjusting in every situation and whether its their fault or not is inherited by birth in them..

Girls are taught to be disciplined in every way. They are being treated as “Paraya dhan”. . Always a norm that they have to go some other house, have to follow their rules, their norms, accept their rituals and customs and have to become a good wife and a good daughter in-laws . Their foremost priority after marriage should be in-laws and husband.

They have to make a close relation with their in-laws whether in some or the other way it lessens their link with their parents, their “Maayka” with them.

Their aim in life should be to give love & affection to kids, manage her husband’s home affairs and treat their in-laws as their parents.

What if they sacrifice their career, their aim.. What if their expectations gets hurted… In order to achieve this so called superfluous objective in life..

After giving their maximum efforts and maximum output then also they don’t deserve to be treated well..

Every girl has some expectations not more but at least if she tries to unite a family, tries to become a part of a family her husband and in-laws should encourage her to do better by appreciating her efforts.

At the time of marriage when groom parents went to see bride and fix the proposal they tend to be very superfluous by saying that they will treat the bride as their daughter and even gave a confirmation to bride’s parents that your daughter is part of our family now.. After marriage the bride becomes only a neglected person, a maid, a care taker.

There is a huge difference between saying and treating other’s daughter as yours which depends on the way of our thinking. The thing that matters is for an instance, a clap can’t takes place until and unless both the hands are united together same as adjustment has to be made from both the sides. As a daughter in law a girl has to adjust and likewise groom and his parents also have to adjust to make family happy.

Its only our way of thinking that has to be changed… For instance, what is right for us can’t be right for others likewise what is wrong for us can’t be wrong for others… The perspective of seeing the things, the situations needs to be changed and it can be done only when we will have an empathy towards others by stepping into the shoes of others….

Realizing the situations through other’s perspective by putting ourself at their situations. Then we will come to know where we are wrong and where our thinking needs to be changed in order to live happy life and maintain good family relations..

After all its only our way of thinking that matters…

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