#Daughter’s should be made Self Depend before getting Married#

Its been a prevalent notion of our society that daughters should get married early.. As this helps them easy to adjust in a new environment,at a new place & help her to make herself easily familiar within her in-Laws place.

There have been many reasons as parents have a thinking of marrying daughters at a proper time & age .. As it helps them to fulfill their responsibilities before time. In Many places parents use to get their daughter’s married even in too early age following the traditions going on since earlier times.

As they believe that a girl should know only the basic things of making food, maintaining house & respecting elders, greeting guests & managing household affairs. Do these are enough for getting married, no matter she has done something in her life, no matter she has excelled in her career, no matter she is independent or not.

For instance , in many places parents busy in making their daughter’s modern in etiquettes & lifestyle.. But Is this the exact meaning of being modern … No Not at all..

The real meaning of being modern is making a girl independent, smart & capable of facing the situations if arise in future, the capability of taking stand by their own, the ability of saying no, the ability of raising voice against any unfair practice & having a unique identity of themselves.

We as a parents should make our daughters educated in terms of professional & academics & with it self dependent, smart & capable of handling every difficulties with the spirit of never giving up in life.

If a girl will be educated or we can say updated in terms of recent trends then only she will make herself as well as her kids self dependent & would be able to teach them the lessons of life which books can’t give…

Read it & share your views..

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