#Achievement in life is not in never falling but getting up every time we fall#

Life can never be same its always uncertain, we never know what will happen next. The best way to live a life is to accept & face whatever happens, overcome the failures & moving ahead. Its a fact nothing in life remains forever whether it’s sorrow, or whether its happiness. Its like two side of a same coin. A coin has 2 sides likewise life has 2 phases, happiness & sorrow. Both the phases have to be there for life to be happy forever.

People use to say, Everything in our life is perfect, a perfect family ,a perfect career & a perfect partner & we are the people who are always happy.. But the reality is that no one is perfect in this world neither a person nor a thing, its we who makes our self perfect by doing efforts, adjustments with a partner whether it’s a girl or a guy & in-laws to make our life happy.

On the other hand there are the people who face failures, suffers a lot in their life regarding career, regarding personal life, but then also become successful in their life because of spirit of never giving up in life , & that’s what the biggest achievement of life is..

Facing the failures , tough situations, a lot of struggles, & then rising through them by overcoming all the barriers is the real achievement of life. Its a fact a person who always see success in his or her life can’t know the real taste of success, rather the person who achieves something in his or her life while facing failures, struggles & even worse situations with a spirit of never giving up is the real person.

There are people who have proved this by their experiences for an instance :

Dhirubhai Ambani founder of Reliance industries faced lot of failures in his life , & struggles & even worse situations but then also he has never give up his spirit . He made himself stand in a better situation than before & even became one of the most successful Entrepreneur.

Smriti Irani The honourable Information & Broadcasting Minister of India. She had been through many failures in her life in achieving success. Started with a small job at McDonald’s after got rejected for Air hostess job profile she did consistent efforts & joined Balaji Telefilms as a junior artist & later on through her efforts she became the most promising character of Tele serials. Her most popular serial was kyunki SaaS bhi kabhi bahu thi.. & then after that she joined BJP, her efforts & spirit of never giving up in life has led her to become Information & Broadcasting Minister.

Ekta kapoor founder of Balaji Tefilms pvt ltd. She started her career at the age of 17 years. She made many serials that got failed. After that she tried hard & made her first serial Hum Paanch which was a success & after that she made kyunki SaaS bhi kabhi bahu thi, kahaani ghar ghar ki,Ghar ek mandir which became the most popular TV serials . After that she produced many more serials & movies.

There are many more instances of successful people whose continuous effort with spirit of never giving up in life & the success mantra “that everyone has to go through failures to achieve their ultimate aim in life” has made them stand in soceity as the most Eminent Personalities.

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