# I am Master of My own will#

This is the story of my friend Payal .. A story that taught me a lesson in my life I am sharing with all of you…

There was one of her maid named Manju. She use to be very nice. One day payal’s birthday came she thought of giving some valuable gift to her maid as she use to be very tired while returning home from doing work in many homes.. So it will give her a little relax … She asked her husband.

He replied , ” No No don’t be so kind with her, she is a maid……

Give her 200 Rs only she will spend her as she like, what we have to do with it? Her husband replied.


She said..

No I said na, …. No more issues on this topic ..let a maid be a maid only don’t give her unnecessary importance…

Next morning ,” Take this Manju on my birthday my husband has ask me to give u …

Manju took an envelope & touched to her forehead & gave lots of blessings to my friend payal …

Payal was feeling very proud … Of being a “Malkin”

In afternoon the same day …

Manju was having a beautiful gift pack in her hand. She gave it to Payal & said..” Didi this is for you …..”

” happy birthday to you”…

Payal asked what’s this?

” please open this & tell me you liked it or not”.. I bought it from the same shop from where you use to buy….

She opened the gift pack a beautiful Saree , with rate tag with it was there, might be she didn’t knew to remove it.

” what’s this Manju!!!!!!!! Why did you spend so much amount of money & bought such an expensive gift for me. …. .

“Yesterday only your husband had a fight with you regarding money, he will badly scold you when he will come to know this….

” No , no didi, he will not scold me , will not say anything to me, I don’t owe any answer to him of any of his questions…..

I earn with my hard work, … I am my own boss of my money, …. I make my own decisions…., what to do or what not..

That day in front of Payal, real “Maalkin” was standing in front of her. , thinking that Manju was a real “Maalkin” instead of her. Whether she was only a maid but has a self respect that let her to live her life being independent..

Payal learned a lot from her maid that day.. Which taught her a lesson for lifetime & I too got a lesson .. ..

Sometimes the life’s biggest lessons are taught through small things or unexpected events in our life……

” We should never be depend on others for taking any decision, or regarding even a minor thing , we should be capable of taking decisions by our own, that’s what the real meaning of “Self Depend ” is..

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