#Wonderful Team Spirit led by Vartika Joshi- Uttarakhand#

In sept last year an all women navy team decided to create history. They set sail for a global circumnavigation trip one of the toughest feats on the Indian navy sailing vessel (INSV) Tarini.

Tarini is the first women sailing campaign in which 21600 nautical mile distance is determined by boat working with the help of air.

Under the leadership of uttarakhand’s daughter lieutenant commander Vartika Joshi 6 women officers crossed the notoriously rough drake passage, as they rounded cape horn off the southern tip South America sometimes called the Mount Everest of Sailing.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Indian navy officers & said he was proud of their accomplishments.

Chief Minister of uttarakhand Trivendra singh Rawat gave congratulations to Vartika joshi for the successful completion of this Campaign & said she has maximized the dignity of our Nation & state.

Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi is the daughter of PK Joshi the Professor Education Dept HNB Garhwal Central university Srinagar. Her primary education took place in Srinagar Garhwal.

Lieutenant Commander P. Swati, lieutenant Commander Pratima Jaiswal, lieutenant Aishwarya, Lieutenant S. Vijaya devi & lieutenant Payal Gupta participated in this campaign.

Vartika Joshi’s father PK Joshi said according to Indian standard time she informed him at 6 am just after crossing Cape Horn island.

He told it’s the most toughest job for a sailing vessel to move ahead after rounding Cape Horn for a sailing vessel. It was a biggest challenge to cross this island. From 16 th to 20 th century about more than 800 sailing ships sinked & more than 10,000 sailors died in this cape horn island that was discovered by a dutch sailor in 1616 AD.

He congratulated women officers of Indian navy Team on the behalf of entire family of Garhwal university & all the citizens of uttarakhand. According to PK Joshi Vartika told him the zeal & enthusiasm of all the women officers is intact. In coming April this Campaign will completed.

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