#Jab pyaar kare koi to dekhe keval man#

Marriage which means happiness. Happiness while living together, happiness of accepting a person with all flaws & qualities & making collective efforts towards making it a successful relationship.

Definition of Love & devotion is very wide. & it finds its complete form in marriage . It is the Marriage which makes it complete. In most of the cases love starts from attraction to be called as “love at first sight”, in which we usually began to like a person on the basis of his or her physical appearance but there are some cases where beauty of heart is believed to be the topmost requirement of a marriage wherein a guy or a girl despite of similarities & physical appearance gives preference to the inner qualities of a person.

There have been many instances that have proved that its only the internal qualities ie. that makes a person to be a right match for the other, which have proved that the summary of a successful married life is the selfless love where nor the physical beauty matters neither the fact what people will say..

Some of the instances are :

1) Acid attack survivor Rani & Saroj- Rani acid attack survivor lives in sheroes home in Delhi. In 2009 at such an early age of 15 years acid attack happened on Rani. In which almost part of head & spine was burnt severely. Eyesight affected 80%. She stayed in ICU for 9 months. There was a friend of nurse named Suraj. He use to come to hospital daily & use to meet patients. He met Rani. In five years of treatment Rani’s family’s huge money was spend. They were even not in a condition to pay off the expenses of the room they took on rent & Rani’s condition was not even improved. Hospital authorities refuse to do the treatment.

Saroj went there & paid whole expenses , treatment bills of Rani & said to hospital authorities to treat her well & make her fit & fine within 4 months. Saroj’s hard work & Rani’s positive think made her a little better than before . & for further treatment she came to delhi. Saroj realised that he can’t live without Rani & his life is incomplete without her .

Saroj went to Delhi & proposed Rani in 2016. He got job in Sheroes. With continuous treatment Rani’s eyesight came back . They both finally decided to live together & on coming 14 Feb they are getting engaged.

2) Dr. Harjeet singh & Dr. Tejender kaur – Dr. Harjeet singh retired as in assistant station director now makes Punjabi movies. He met his life partner Dr. Tejender Kaur Professor & writer & singer in Guru Nanak dev university & they become friends. Tejender’s left hand severely affected in an incident. Harjeet said in front of her good nature her flaws were none the less important.

He motivated tejender through reciting a motivational poem of Brazil’s artist Antonio. The mutual understanding between them brought them close & they finally decided to be life partner of each other.

3) Madhu & Vishnu Murti- Vishnu Murti retired as in Core of signal post Defence & communication dept met his life partner Madhu at her Saudi’s place & her mausi told h about all the qualities of Madhu .

Despite being knowing that Madhu can’t speak & hear Vishnu Murti choose her as his life partner . Since 36 years marriage they living their life happily . According to them love happens through heart not by mind .

4) Gurvinder & Jyoti- Gurvinder met through an accident in his spine & he left the capability of walking. One & half year he stayed in hospital for treatment & there he met Jyoti. She was working as Nurse there. There conversation started & it finally ended into marriage . In October 2016 they did Court Marriage.

Gurvinder took training from Rehabilitation centre of doing work through wheel chair & became independent. Now he conducts counselling for wheel chair users in hospital in Jalandhar.

These successful instances have really proved that for being married its not important to have attractive looks, physical appearance. Rather what’s needed is the inner qualities to be there in a particular person.

After all physical appearance lasts only for short time what matters is the attitude , the spirit , the beauty of heart to build a Successful relationship.

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