#Not only Girls but boys also need to change after Marriage#

In our Indian Soceity , Girls as a daughter as a wife are expected to change after marriage..They are taught to change themselves according to the norms of society. After marriage starting from surname to the entire change in life of a girl comprising of her identity , her nature, her likings & dislikings.

A girl who use to live freely, who use to be cheerful, open minded , who use to be independent before marriage becomes depend on others ,a huge change comes in her life after marriage, she looks entirely changed , even unable to recognize whether she is the same girl as before.

In our so called Patriarchal Soceity , people believe in such a notion, use to say that its the girl only who needs to change after marriage , Guys don’t change, its only the girl who has to adjust with the situations, accept the norms & traditions of her in-Laws , have to devote her self completely in her new family as if she is only made for this.

People use to say time is changing girl or a boy both should be treated equally. Is this the equality .. After marriage a line of difference always exist between a girl & guy . Girls are asked to do everything according to in-laws, for an instance, if she has to wear outfits then also she should ask her in-Laws, even from a minor decisions to major all should be taken after taking permission from in-laws ,she has to live her life as her spouse wants to be, if she wants to go to meet her parents she has to take permission from inlaws, seek her spouse concern & then she thinks of going to her parents place.

A Girl is expected to treat her in-Laws as her parents, why its only expected from a girl & not a guy. Why a guy is not expected to fulfill the same responsibilities towards his in-laws same as a girl . Why he doesn’t feel to take care of his in-laws as well.

Why only a girl needs to change after marriage, we are living in 21st century where women stands equal to a Man whether it may be any sector or any field, even women’s are more aware, more successful than a Man.. Then why is this after marriage she is expected to leave her career, her ambitions, her cheerful nature & has to adopt a new name a new identity . Why a girl can’t be treated like rest of the members.

Girls are the most important part of a family, a society & a nation. She should be given equal freedom , should be given equal rights rather than imposed responsibilities only. She should be given a friendly atmosphere so that it should not make feel herself as a stranger rather would be able to make herself the member of her spouse family.

When we as in-laws will hand over the responsibilities with rights equally to son & daughter in-laws then it will bring a big & positive change in the society.

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