# How to address your Most#

Relations are the most valuable thing a person can have in this world which money can’t buy whether it’s personal relations , professional or friendship. We are known by our relations, our way of maintaining them, valuing them & keeping them forever. Making good relations with others is an art. The people who knows this art well, praise becomes worthless in front of them.

To make our relations better we should take care of few points –

1) Don’t have expectations- Usually we use to believe that any person or anybody can’t do wrong with us. & if unknowingly a person does any thing wrong that hurts us badly. Hurted words on heart becomes arrow of words ,relations began to affect . If we have to make the relation strong & good then before reacting aggressively should list out the likes & dislikes in a person on a piece of paper. This will help us to know his qualities & flaws in a person, we will be able to accept them with both the things. Expectation will neither be there, nor they will hurt.

But it doesn’t means that we should unnecessarily tolerate the misbehavior of a person . If we feel that a person is crossing his limits we should make him understand . In this way the person will realize his mistakes .

2) Don’t React- Some people point out us so that we should react & they should see the drama. Such people don’t leave any chance of making us angry. Its our understanding that fails their all attempts to be successful. Its better to be silent in most disputable topics. They will feel bored & end the game. Usually reacting on every thing shows our immature behaviour. Whenever we feel angry we should divert our attention some other way or in some other thing.

3) Try to find out hidden qualities-Many times in anger we use to fight with a person & realize it after a long time, at that time we should try to find out his or her hidden qualities that he or she even not aware of. Contact with the people living nearby them. Try to find out happiest moments of their life. Then make them aware of their qualities. Words of praise will melt the ice & vanish the anger between the two. We can ask any recipes from them. They will feel that we got impressed by them.

This is the bitter truth every person wants to impress the other & this is a right way of making relations better & make them work.

4) Be positive – Many times we use to take right reaction also in a negative way. This is not right. For improving our personality we should try to know the reasons behind every reaction. For an instance , if any of our friend is saying something about our style , instead of reacting on it we should try to find out really is there any problem or he or she was just joking.

Likewise if any neighbour of our especially a women ask us about marriage again & again than we should say ” jab koi bahut pyaar karne wala jeevsnsathi mil jayega ,will marry”. In this way instead of reacting on it , we should reply in such a way that should complete our purpose as well as make them realize of their mistakes & they will not ask again.

We should be polite & should answer any question in such a way that makes our self unique than others. There are many people who use to criticize , crack jokes, point us out every time but its we who should know how to tackle that situation by being positive .

Share your views if any.

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