# What Needs to Be a Good Team leader#

The success of any organization depends on how effectively a Team leader is leading his team. A team leader is the sole responsible person for successful completion of a project .

While working in a company or office we need to be a good team leader . As on one hand it enhances a positive perception of people towards us on other hand it helps us in leading our team well while encouraging cooperation within the team & enhancing individual contribution of members towards a given task or project.

A team leader has to be a good listener instead of only being a good speaker as it helps him to find out the best possible solution out of the alternative ways for any problem that arises.

Except from these there are some skills to be needed to be a good Team Leader.

1) Confidence- To be a good team leader a person should have confidence. In addition to this Team leader should not interfere . Leader should also be a decision maker so that at the time of adverse situations when team members see a hope in you then a as a team leader you should stand on their expectations.

2) Quick Thinker- The brain of a Team leader should be so sharp that in a situation of taking sudden decisions , he should have thought of every aspect of the situation, & should be capable to take right decision.

3) Idea Person- To implement new ideas & be consistent in doing efforts till it becomes successful is the quality of a good Team leader.

4) Soft skills- while addressing a group a Team leader should use words, language & examples in a way that should be easily understood by the team members. As it helps in leaving a good impact on team members . Even it is successful in manipulating the different moods of the members.

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