# Cafe that runs in a Unique way#

Echo cafe is such a restaurant whose service staff can’t listen & speak . Then also this cafe runs successfully.

Echo cafe situated at the south campus of Delhi University near venkateshwar college is unique cafe in itself. In this cafe serving staff is disable, who are deaf & dumb. One year before when this cafe opened people use to doubt its success as in this area already 40 -50 restaurants are there.

In such a tough competition it was really a tough task for disable people to run a cafe a make their identity. But they got success & they have opened their next branch in Bangalore.

To do something new & bringing disable people working on backfoot in front of public & making them a real hero these 6 youth took such a challenging decision to open such a restaurant.

They all were working in corporate sectors , but they decided to do something beyond the limits. This cafe started on 22 december 2015.

It is owned by 27 years old Manager Gaurav kanwar . In his words” its the first chance that people are seeing these disables taking orders & dealing with the public.

The most challenging task while running this cafe was how the communication would be possible..? How people use to give orders of eatables, how to tell if any one needs water, spoon., or any thing else.?

These all questions find answers as this cafe has its own new system .

At the moment you enter in cafe staff ask you to sit by using symbols. Before taking sit a specialized menu will come in front of you , an order copy & a pen . In this menu card with the name of the recipes a code number & sign language is given.

In a order copy customer have to write the code number of recipe which helps the staff to know which recipe is it & makes it easy as well. Customers can talk in sign language & can give orders directly to the staff also. This cafe open at 11 am in morning to 11 pm at night.

“Hear from eyes & speak from hands ” this is the success Mantra of this restaurant which has played a great role to make these peoples real heroes.

The quality of meeting public with such a confidence & the way of giving superb service to customers have made an identity of Echo Cafe.

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