# I am my papa’s Princess – part 1#

This is the story of Ronit & supriya .

Ronit & Supriya married one year before. They were living in Agra. Ronit was working as a Software Engineer in Wipro & Supriya was housewife. Supriya & Ronit married one year before . It was an arranged marriage. Supriya conceived. Ronit was happy to hear this good news when Supriya told him. With the passage of time 7 months passed & time was coming near …

One day while Ronit was in office. Supriya was having pain. She call Ronit & he all of a sudden went to home the moment Supriya’s call came. He went home & saw Supriya having pain ..

He pick her & made her comfortably sit in a car & went to hospital. Ronit met the Doctor & admitted Supriya in hospital. Doctor came & said there is some time in delivery we will take her to the operation theatre after sometime . Till then be with her & wait.

Supriya was shifted to a room. Ronit was with her giving her support & cheering her …

Supriya asked him , “What do you expect Ronit?, ” A girl or a boy, “

Ronit replied ” If we had a boy, then I will teach him maths , we will go to play, I will make him learn many things.

Supriya said, ” If we had a girl, then?

Ronit replied , ” If we had a girl , then I would not need to teach her anything”., because , she would be one of all who will make me learn again, how to eat, how to wear, how to eat , what to say or not”

She will be like my second mother. I will be my daughter’s hero, whether I will do anything special or not.

Whenever I will say her no for anything she will understand me why I said no, . She will always compare her husband with me.

It doesn’t matter, whether she would be at any age, she would always expect to be loved like a baby doll.

“She will fight with the world for me, whenever any person will hurt me & never forgive that person.

Supriya replied , It means your daughter will do all the things that a son wouldn’t be able to

On this Ronit replied, ” No., no. ” My son will also do the same , but he will learn.

But my daughter will be born with these qualities. To be a father of a daughter is a proud for every person in this world.

Supriya replied, ” But she would not be living with us forever.. ?

Ronit replied , ” Yes But we will live in her heart always”.

It doesn’t matter wherever she will live, Daughters are angels who takes birth to love & take care without any terms & conditions.

Then after few minutes Doctor came to the room & ask Ronit that supriya will be shifted to operation theatre now. She ask the nurse to shift her to operation theatre. Ronit said to supriya , don’t worry everything wil be alright,”.

Supriya was shifted to operation theatre. Operation started, after few minutes Doctor came outside Operation theatre ,

Ronit saw at face of the doctor, & asked ,” what happen doctor , is everything fine? Doctor replied case is very complicated , & we can save only one of them either kid or mother..

Ronit was shocked to hear this ,” he said please doctor try to save both of them because i cant live without any of them,

Doctor replied, ” we will try our best Ronit , rest leave on God & hope the best.

Doctor went back to operation theatre , operation started …

After few minutes , Doctor came outside the operation theatre, Ronit was worried a lot,

He asked the doctor, ” what happen Doctor”? Are both saved?????

To be Continued…..

Hope you will like the story .Will be waiting for your views.

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