#I am my Papa’s Princess- Part 2

“Betiyaan sab ke takdeer mein, kahaan hoti hain, jo ghar ishwar ko pasand ho, wahaan hoti hain” 🙏🙏 Ronit saw at the face of the doctor , “what happen doctor?? Are both saved??””

Doctor replied Ronit , ” You are really very lucky & afterall by God’s almighty , both are saved”….

We tried our best & all your wishes came true to the little angel & Supriya…

Ronit asked , “Is it a girl child”…..

Doctor replied , ” Yaa its a cute angel, go & meet her…

Ronit was so happy to hear this .. He ran towards the room & hugged his wife.., Ronit said ,” I am really thankful to God that he has save my life & my cute angel”

He hold supriya’s hand in his hand & said her” supriya thanku so much , ” for giving me precious gift of my life”….

Supriya replied, ” I am really lucky Ronit to have u as my life partner..who didn’t belive in difference between a girl & a boy..”

Ronit look at his cute daughter ,” like a dream come true in front of his eyes” ,he hold her in his hands, loved her & hugged her…

“My cute angel, see supriya ,how cute is our little angel,”…

Supriya says , ” yaa cute & loving as her dad”…ab mujhe bhi to dikha do., meri cute angel ko,

Ronit gives baby in supriya’s hand.

Supriya feels so happy & blessed , ” for a mother its the most valuable gift of god when he gives a mother a new birth & gives her a supremacy of being a mother , ” the highest designation in the world”….

Ronit replies, yaa very true supriya really , ” God gave us such a proud moment & we had a girl child, “I am very lucky to be a father of cute loving daughter”…

Ronit calls his parents , relatives & inlaws & gave them the good news.

His & Supiya’s parents congratulated him & supriya with lots of blessings ,..

Supriya’s parents went to the Hospital to see her & cute angel.. With lots of sweets & gifts .

Relatives & friends came to see Supriya & little angel in hospital.

Doctor asked to stay atleast five days in hospital. Supriya stayed , Ronit daily use to bring fruits & juice with light snacks for supriya.. In morning & arranged lunch with light food for her & in evening use to stay there only with her cute angel.

Five days passed. Supriya fresh up & got ready. Ronit said, just wait for 1 hour here only. Have to go somewhere , while returning back will pick u from hospital..

Supriya said , ok Ronit ” will wait for you..

Ronit went home & decorated the entire home with flowers , toys.. & hang a paper bucket with flowers to shower on her baby when she will come home.

Ronit went to hospital & helped supriya in packing all the stuff.. ,& went to home..

He parked the car .. & opened the door of a car. ” supriya came out side of the car, ” with cute angel in her hands,” the moment she stepped towards the door, ” Ronit said , ” wait for 2 minutes, he went inside from the back door & opened the main door ,” ask Supriya to come ,the moment supriya entered with baby , ” flowers shower started ,,” wow Ronit , what a pleasant surprise, ” ..

She came inside & saw the home well maintained ,& every corner was lightened with candles & decorated with toys & flowers, “

Supriya hugged Ronit & hold his hands in her hands , ” Thankyou so much Ronit for such a lovely surprise”..

Ronit smiled & replied , ” yas this was that most important work that i need to for my daughter & my life”.

Ronit said,” My life is completed now, i don’t want any thing now” Supriya

Supriya smiled & replied, ” yaa Ronit our family is complete now with our cute angel…”

After few days , ” Ronit invited family members, with relatives & friends & organised a “Naamkaran sanskaar” ceremony.

He kept his daughter’s name “Pankhudi”.

Ronit always use to spend maximum time with her daughter ,while helping supriya in doing household work…

He use to bring toys for her, use to change her clothes, feed her food ,use to take her in his arms & sit in a lawn while talking with her…

She started mumbling & like to recognize the things & giving response,” use to call the word “papa”…

Ronit made his daughter to walk while holding her little fingers in her hands..& always use to take care of little little things, to keep her happy always…

Supriya whenever see this , feel so happy to see how much caring is Ronit, ” she says kids really change us a lot , & brings our childhood memories back..”..

With the passage of time , pankhudi become 2 & half years old, Ronit started searching best preschool for her . He found one nearby & gathered information. Then discussed with supriya , she said its fine & good Ronit .

Ronit bought school bag, water bottle,lunch box & colours pencil for her daugter from market while returing from office in evening.

The next day Supriya & Ronit went to preschool & did their daughter’s admission .

Ronit use to drop pankhudi in preschool in morning . & pick her up in aftrnoon from preschool daily.

Time passed & pankhudi become a grown up kid. Now time to admit her in school. Ronit searched out the best school & gathered all the information about it. Then next day Supriya & Ronit went to school. & did her admission in the best school of agra.

To be Continued..

Read the story friends & let me know how is it. Will be waiting for your views.

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