# How to Carry yourself at Workplace#

Attire is the one of the element with combination of attitude & intellectual & communication skills that forms a complete personality of a person.

Usually people thinks that attire is only wear to give our self a beautiful look. Whereas its half truth, other half truth is that our attire is related to our confidence & boldness. In today’s environment women’s are not safe anywhere, in such a situation its important for them to know what type of attire will help them to look confident & bold.

With the help of attire women’s can enhance their confidence,

For an instance, If we are working in a Multinational company then usually in these companies only formal attire is ask to wear .

When women’s carry formal look the people interacting them believes really this women has something unique than others & on the same hand women feels herself more confident than before & her boldness is enhanced, that doesn’t give a single chance to people to speak useless with her.

If you don’t go office while wearing formal attire , you should try once , just try three piece formal wear having blazer, trouser & shirt with tie., u will really feel yourself full of confidence., as well as the attitude of the people working with you also changes..

There comes a lot of change in your personality because every attire has its own value ,& when u adopt that attire , your personality starts glowing. Attire gives an identity that is full of confidence.

Many women’s doesn’t know if they are working in a Corporate world , then how they have to carry themselves. In many matters they copy others.

In such a situation, whenever u use to purchase attire then prefer strong colour, because when you are doing job somewhere , then you are responsible & accountable for it.

That’s why its important to look like a responsible person , so in that case strong colour selection is right.

With colour keep this thing also in your mind that your attire should have less detailing.

Whatever attire you are selecting for yourself, wear it with confidence, after wearing that attire any time of hesitation or doubt shouldn’t come in your mind. Because this hesitation lowers your confidence.

Whatever attire you have choose it should be comfortable, if u feel a little uncomfortable, then don’t wear it. Search out its best alternative, because if u weared such type of attire, then you will feel uncomfortable the whole day & that will affect your work & personality.

Best colors for Formal shirts

The best colour for formal shirt is white, except it black, grey, navy blue, olive green colour should be in your wardrobe. Now a days pestal shades are in fashion. You can try them also.

What you should not wear in Office

T- shirt, Fancy top, Skirts made of Denim or any other fabric, mini dress, should be avoided. Because these attire gives you a casual look. Which leaves a negative impact of your personality in mind of the people working with you at work place.

Afterall its our attire that defines our overall personality & leaves a positive impact on others.

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