#Family Happy Moments#

Womens are the life of the house, they make a simple home into a family with their efforts & dedication. We as a mother’s ,as a wives are the immense source of strength for the whole family. When our mood is bad , whole family feels sad, & if we are happy , whole family feels good. That’s why we should be happy & healthy so that our family moments should be full of happiness.

There are some points to be taken care of by us so that we should live every moment with full joy & happiness & enthusiasm with our family .

1) A little understanding of our will keep our mood happy , will make us healthy & will make our family happy as well. The hurriness of finishing work give birth to anxiety. We should not close the alarm in morning, rather should try to wake up 5 minutes early in morning. Whatever work we are doing whether its small or big , we should concentrate our mind on that only, in this way mind will get relax & mood will be fresh.

2) Give importance to your feelings & views. If any thing disturbing us or we are feeling ourself uncomfortable to its obvious, we will feel tensed a lot. If we are not interested in doing daily work, then surely we need a break.

3) In a family the generation gap between elders & youth many times creates worse situations.We should always keep this in mind whether generation gap would be , but there should be no mutual conflicts. We should try to understand while talking with them. But way of talking should not be rude as this will help to solve any problems that arises.

4) All members of a family, the elders & youngers should come together & do some activities. Like, yoga, walking in the park, indoor games etc. Many times with increasing age, the ego of a person increases as well. It becomes difficult to make them understand our point of view. Let them as they are , don’t try to change them.

5) We use to celebrate children’s birthday parties, their result days , likewise Elders of a family also feel good when their kids , grand children’s remember their anniversaries & birthdays. These special days should be noted down in a diary so that we should never forget to wish them.

6) If we have hurted the feelings of any family member , then we should not think it would be fine as time will pass. Saying sorry in a close relations is equally important as it is in formal ones.

7) Speed thinking also keeps your mood fresh in a few seconds. Till 30 seconds we should think only about the happy moments of our life, which makes us happy. This will help in secreating happy hormone in mind & mood will be good.

8) Keeping our self engage in small work of daily life keeps us away from stress & tension. According to experts ,these things works as a good stress reliever.

These are my personal suggestions. Please read it & let me know how is it. Will be waiting for your views

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