#Kids & Day to Day Manners#

Childhood is full of fun & happiness, collection of small creative moments to cherish forever as a wonderful memories.

How nice it looks that kids learns small things very easily, that we want to make them learn. Their toys should not be spread here & there. their rooms should not be untidy, they should pick up their utensils itself after having food, they should not be forced to do the brush, comb the hair , wash the hands if spoiled while playing.

Whereas these tiny small things only make us feel the joy & happiness in a home. But kids should be encouraged to learn good habbits as it helps them to be self depend as well as inbuilting good etiquettes in them

So let’s know some good habbits:

1) To keep their things in a proper way- Whether kids play as they like, spread clutter , let them play fully . But as a parents we should make them learn to collect their toys & keep it at a proper place. This habit should be inculcate at an early age only , as this helps them to learn the things easily.

How to make them learn- Since an early age only make a toy bucket for the kids, in which their rattles, squeezy, soft toys, & building blocks should be there. They would easily recognize their toy bucket & will learn where to keep it. We can’t make them learn by giving lectures or orders, the best way to make them learn is to do race with them who will keep most of the toys early in a bucket. Kids love toys. The moment we will pick them & go towards putting them in a dustbin , they will snatch the toys & will keep them at their place.

2) Daily have a habbit of doing brush in morning & afternoon- Before going to sleep habbit of brushing teeth is important to make teeth healthy & gums free.

How to make them learn- It’s difficult for a mother to make kids brush their teeth daily in morning & evening. The trick of reciting story about cavities & germs attack would be very helpful as it will make learn the benefit of brushing their teeth .

3)Whatever is being made at home , eat that only, especially green vegetables, dal chapati & milk, curd.

How to make them learn – Usually kids love to eat French fries, parantha, potato chips easily instead of dal chapati, vegetable . The best way to inculcate this habbit is make them learn the hobbit of eating dinner on dining table. Feed them with your hands ,especially on those days when their favorite food is not prepared. Many times kids like to play a lot , they run, let them play, they will be busy in playing & we can feed them the food. At least one day in a weak should be kept for kids, in which their favorite food should be made but with the condition that whole week he or she has to eat whatever has been made in home..

4) Doing the work on time. It is a good habbit in making a child disciplined.

How to make them learn- Its important to make the kids learn to value time. Get ready before time to go school, study on time , play on time etc.. But for this we have to be punctual first of all. When kids see their parents doing work on time , they will also adopt this habbit . after all its parents only from whom a child learns most. Buy some cartoon character shape alarm clock & set the alarm. It helps a lot while going to school in morning. Kids will be able to know that they have to wake up before alarm beeps & get ready for school. It will be difficult in starting but with the passage of time daily routine will help the child to learn.

5) Reading books in idle time- By reading books concentration in a kids is enhanced & they will not be affected by computer, mobile & tv.

How to make them learn- Always buy story books in both the languages English as well as Hindi. The moment child finishes reading one book note down the name at one place or place a sticker on that book. When kids completes 5 or 10 books give them a treat like chocolate, Ice cream , burger or small toy, this will motivate them. If possible try to arrange a story telling competition by inviting their friends. This will encourage them & will develop their speaking skills.

6)Obey the Elders & talk politely with others, not throwing things here & there whenever in anger. As it makes us feel embarrassed.

How to make them learn- If a child is in anger & throw things , or toys here & there don’t be scared & fulfill their wishes. Whenever kids do like this ignore them & leave them alone, they will be fine after sometime. Then make them understand the things your way. Whenever they go somewhere or at anyone’s home & pick the things ,then its your responsibility to stop them at that time only & ask them to keep it back at its place.

This will help them to learn good habbits in a positive way .

Read it & let me know how is it. Will be waiting for views.

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