#Kids – What to learn & When#

Time flies with wings & kids become big. Before we as a parents feel that somewhere we have lack behind to make them learn something, some points are important to be kept in mind.

Kids learn from whatever they see in their home & school as well. In the starting age of their life its important for parents to be their role model & give them such an environment, so that their attitude should be positive & they should become self depend.

From 1-2 years – This time period of kids life is known as milestone. This time they learn to eat by their own, to walk, to hold the things. Their likes & dislikes is also changes rapidly at this time. Kids should know about their body parts. Start with their elements of face.

Tell them about Eyes, nose, ear, tongue & teeth. In this time coordination between movements of hands & direction of eyes starts. Kids take interest in activities like clay modeling, hand & finger painting & they learm to make new things. These activities develop motor skills in kids, that helps them to practice writing & drawing in coming time. Parents should make them learn to speak words like thankyou, sorry & please.

Repetition of these words kids learn general etiquettes. Set the time table for kids & remember kids should do according to time table. In starting of 2 year kids should make learn good habbits like to wash hands before eating food, daily brushing teeths, daily taking bath, eating breakfast & dinner on time.

From 2- 3 years – Till this age kids use to learn to undertand the things & facts. This is the right time when parents should make their kids learn to respect the feelings of others, to be cooperative with others, to share things with others. This habbits can also be teach while playing with kids like while playing waiting for your turn, giving toys to other kids coming home to play, talk with respect with elders.

Parents should make their kids learn tl eat with cleanliness, like not to spoil the table while eating food or snacks, not to utter voice from mouth while eating food, not to snatch food or any other eatables from others, not to pick others things without asking them. Since starting try to be friends with kids. The way of talking should be like that they should learn to respect , instead of being scared & hesitate. Make the kids learn to draw straight , zig zag lines by pencil, to fill colors in small figures, this will develop hand muscles.

From 3-4 years – At this age parents should make kids learn to understand positive & negative emotions like what to do when in anger, & to train them to control feelings jealousy, fear, tension, hesitation, anxiety. Kids should be learn to understand the difference between needs & desires. Like… If they are waiting for their favorite pizza , but school uniform, winter dresses, shoes etc are things to be needed, they should be purchased first. Parents should make kids learn the difference between good & bad touch. They should not allow strangers to touch them.

From 4- 5 years – At this age kids learn to use computer, i pad very nicely. Use to make friends in schools & localities. Parents should make kids learn to understand that winning & losing is the part of game, not to cry or fight with friends when they loose the game. Make them learn to be in group instead of being alone, learn them to be responsible, to put books in bags, clean their room , their study cubbod, watering the plants, helping while doing work in kitchen.

Hello friends read my blog & let me know how is it. Hope it would be helpful. Will be waiting for your views.

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