My Biggest Strength- My Mumma

This is my story about my inspiration my mumma, whose life comprises of only her family, her kids, who has always inspire me, encourage me & supported me in every step of my life. She has always wished that her kid should achieve heights, should always have morals ,values in life & should be a good citizen. Since childhood my mumma always use to cheer up, in my bad times & appreciate in my good times, she has never make her kids feel inferior in any way. Whenever we did mistake she use to say only one thing, commiting mistakes is not bad thing in life, but its what you learn from that mistake & decide not to commit it again is the biggest thing in life.

She never insisted rigid rules on us. She has never made any difference between any of the three kids. She always believed in one thing that whether kid is girl or not both are equal, both are precious for parents. She has raised both her daughters equally as a son.

She never use to be strict, but inbuilted disciplined in us. She never treated us forcefully regarding any thing whether it is our personal or professional life.

She always use to say one thing never give up in life whatever the situations be. She use to be my best friend since childhood with whom I have shared every moment of my life, & discussed every problem of my life & always got the best possible solution of all my problems.

I remember those days when I had failed in scoring good marks in exams & felt upset, she came near to me gave me a hug & said ” don’t worry next time u will definitely score good marks”. That’s where I got my inspiration & I never looked back in my life..

Its my Mumma who has made our dreams come true. In college time me & my brother use to have a dream to pursue MBA from a premier , a brand institute., & that time IIPM was use to be in highlights of every magazines ,in TV its advertisement use to come that time. We use to keep the adds , paper cuttings with us.

Mumma came to know about our dream & she said your dream will come true soon.. have faith in god. We were just thinking about that….after few months we saw an add regarding Opening of IIPM branch in dehradun & admissions are starting.

We went there came to know about the admission process. In that first aptitude test, with GD was to be organised.

We filled up the form & came home . Told mumma she said its not a big deal to qualify this. Just have faith in yourself as well as God.

We went to give aptitude test & GD all went well . The faculty told us if u both wil be selected will inform you. We came home & like we were hopeless that will we be get selected but mumma always have faith on her kids.

She encourage us that everything in the world is possible only by efforts, & if u both have done efforts a lot & up to the level, then don’t worry everything will be good.& few days after call came to us & they confirmed us & said u both got selected a the best.

That time I really felt too gud, hugged my Mom & from that day onwards always use to follow my Mumma’s principles in life. She is the person who has made us capable, independent & made us stand in our life where we are today.

At last I would conclude by these lines

“Maa bachchon ki jaan hoti hai, woh hote hain kismatwale jinki maa hoti hai”…

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