#Nose Ring in Fashion#

In the Earlier times Nose & ears piercing was known to be most important for women’s as it enhances patience at the time of labour pains. Nose ring is one of jwellery to be weared by women’s is the most important thing to be taken care of while wearing. It makes face look pretty, beautiful & attractive as well.

Nose ring’s fashion has come back . This time its magic is going all around. Famous Tenis player Sania Mirza’s nose ring, Deepika padukone’s segment nose ring, Sonam kapoor’s studded hoops nose ring has increased craze among young girls.

If you want to make it a part of fashion & style , then choose nose ring according to your face cut & shape of nose.

Points to be taken care of while choosing nose ring :

1) Womens having thick nose should wear a big coloured stone nose ring.

2) If nose is long & sharp nose then you should wear small hoop ring like a small

3) With traditional dress floral nose pin goes perfect, while with western outfit small … goes perfect.

4) Teenage girls should wear loop nose ring.

5) Diamond nose ring looks stylish on a long nose, if you want to wear U shape floral nose ring , wear it with traditional dresses.

6) Sania Mirza’s segment ring is being appreciated by girls a lot these days. Women’s having a wide jaw line & nose is sharp from front , segment ring looks beautiful on them.

7) Beaded ring is most liked among teenage girls now a days. It looks good on traditional dresses & is available in many colors which can be weared while matching it with dress color.

8) Girls having round face can wear half beaded ring. This makes face look slim, in evening parties it is the perfect nose ring to.be weared with western dresses.

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