#Real Spirit of Living a life#

This IITian lost both the hands & legs, then also become an inspiration for others.

These are the words of a person who is different from others, but making many people learn to live a life. Shivam Porwal living in Ahmedabad 23 years old has never lived a normal life since childhood like others. But he has always lived every moment of life with full enthusiasm.

After being a handicap, Shivam has done every work that normal people do. Shivam is suffered from Focomelia. In this disease a child’s hand & legs development hampers.

People even gave advice to his parents , let this child die, he is not physically normal, he will suffer a lot & you both will not be able to see this.

But his parents ignored their advice. They realized that Education is the only medium that can make him self depend. His father did his admission in nearby school. But he was so brilliant in studies that school promoted him directly to class Ist after nursery.

His father Sanjay Porwal have a small pan shop & his mother is housewife. After being financial weak also his parents didn’t gave up, they encourage him to do better & supported him in all his efforts.

Today Shivam is working in BSNL office as in Telecom officer as well as pursuing M.tech from Patna. He is a motivational speaker & have a hobby of playing guitar.

Hattsoff to such a never giving spirit that itself is an inspiration for others.

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