# I am My Papa’s Princess – Part 4 “What really Kanyadaan Means to a father”

Ronit was feeling sad to leave his daughter in hostel, but he had faith in his & supriya’s parenting & his daughter that she would always make her parents feel proud of herself.

With the passage of time Pankhudi passed graduation with 70% grades & took admission in post graduation & did MSc in child care. While she was pursuing her PG, many proposals came to Ronit regarding her marriage

Ronit replied,” I will not take any decision before my daughter would become self depend. First is her career, her ambition & second is her marriage.

Time passed & Pankhudi completed her Post graduation. After completing her post graduation she got job offers from Hospitals & Child care organizations. She went on a break of few days to her home.

Ronit & Supriya were so happy to see Pankhudi..

Pankhudi discussed with Ronit & Supriya , ” Mom & Dad i recieved job offers from many organizations. Suggest me what to do???

Ronit replied,” Pankhudi its your career, you have to decide by your own what is good for you & which will give better prospects to your career in future.

Pankhudi was so pleased & felt happy that her father have so much faith in her…

She joined a Child Care Hospital in Meerut as a child care Specialist & started her career.

She use to come at home on every festival, birthdays & anniversaries of her parents to celebrate the wonderful & memorable moments with her parents.

Ronit & Supriya sometime use to feel that they are so lucky to have their child as a daughter Pankhudi in their life & were so happy that their daugher take care of all the things & never leaves a single moment to cherish these memorable days of their life..

One day Pankhudi was sitting in a lawn & was having tea with Ronit & Supriya.

Ronit ask Pankhudi ,” Pankhudi now tell me one thing… what you have decided regarding your personal life, would you like search for a partner or you like someone with whom you would like to get settle in your personal life now.

Pankhudi replied,” Dad I am scared of leaving you & Mumma & don’t want to leave my home & go another place. Is it compulsory to get marry ….

Ronit replied,” I would like to say one thing , we are always with you & you will always live in our heart no matter wherever you will be & secondly the place you will go is not a strange place.. the guy you will marry will be your husband who will love you & take care of you & the place you will go will be your own house which you have to build the new relations & make strong bond with your inlaws & family members..

Pankhudi felt silent for a while & just thought over whatever Ronit said…

She replied,” Dad your views cleared my all the doubts. I am ready to settle in my personal life..

Ronit felt happy & said Supriya ” its we parents only who make learn & understand difficult things so easy to our kids.. ”

Ronit ask his friends to search a good proposal for her daughter & registered Pankhudi’s profile on Matrimonial site.

Few days later a proposal came to Ronit . Guy was working as a CA in MNC & his father was retired as in GM from public sector unit Delhi, mother was housewife & had one sister she was MBA & married to a Software Engineer.

He liked the proposal , gathered the information ask them to send photo & biodata & mailed it to Pankhudi.

Pankhudi came back from office in evening & saw the mail. She call up Ronit, ” Hello Papa.. how are you & mumma?

Everything f9 there????

Ronit replied, ” Yes my princess we both are fine. You say how is your job going on? U got the mail i send you.? How is the guy???

Pankhudi replied,” yes dad everything is good here. I got your mail . I liked the guy but want to meet him & have a talk with him

Ronit replied,” ok.. Pankhudi no problem dear… will invite the guy & his parents at home at dinner… & if you want to have 1or 2 meeting before any thing finalizes.. its ok.

Pankhudi replied ,” ok Dad invite them next month.. I will be coming home on a week off so that time will be fine..

Ronit replied,” ok my princess..

Time passed & next month arrived Pankhudi came home on a week off.. Ronit invited the guy & his family members.

Finally the day arrived the guy & his family arrived at Ronit’s home.

Ronit introduced Pankhudi & his wife to the guy & his family members. Guy’s name was Sanchit .. He had a talk with Ronit & Supriya..

Ronit & Supriya arranged the refreshments & pankhudi helped supriya in it. After that pankhudi & sanchit were left alone so that they would have a talk..

Sanchit & Pankhudi had a talk , discussed the likes & dislikes ,views. Finally they found their soulmate in each other. Sanchit & Pankhudi got Engaged..

They had few meetings before marriage. & they developed an understanding between them.

Finally marriage dates got fixed & Ronit & Supriya started preparation of Pankhudi’s wedding. Ronit tried all his efforts to make her princess wedding superb.. & Supriya helped Pankhudi in purchasing all the wedding dresses.. , lehenga was finalised from Sabyasachi & all the things regarding starting from wedding collection to Trauseau was done from one of the top branded apparel showroom.

Finally the day arrived for which every dad in this world awaits for..

Ronit came in a room was feeling upset ..

Supriya asked,” what happened Ronit??

Ronit replied,” Supriya today our princess will leave us & go to another home..

Humaari beti itni badi ho gayi.. aisa lagta hai jaise kal hi ki to baat hai..

I remember the first day when i holded her cute little hands in my hands..

His eyes were filled with tears..,😭

Supriya hugged Ronit & hold his hands in her hands ,” Ronit don’t be so week, you are your princess hero, & if hero will cry then it would be difficult for our princess to leave this home..

We have to be strong,” haina Ronit…

Ronit replied, ” Yes my supriya we have to be strong for our daughter..

He & Supriya welcome the baarat & greeted them.

Jaymala ceremony tool place.

Time came for the most important event that comes once in life of a girl’s parents. .. ” kanyadaan”

Kanyadaan ceremony started , Ronit & Supriya hand over the Pankhudi’s hand in hands of Sanchit …

Ronit says, ” Pankhudi i will also do some promises with you as my daughter.

As you will get marry today, go to another place, but this place where you took birth, where you started the journey of your life, your home your “Maayka” will never be strange for you..

You will always live in our heart. No distance no time boundations can ever separate us.

Whenever you will have any problem , we are there to support you, to be your side .

Never feel this that now you have got married , life will change , you can’t expect anything from us. Remember that you are & will always be your papa’s princess….

It was the “Kanyadaan” in its real sense

Really Ronit led an inspiration for all the parents & in laws as well

Hello friends read it & share your views with Me..

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