#Kids Need Quality Time#

Hello Friends. Kids are important part of our life. Without whom we can’t live & imagine our life to be happy. In such a busy life now a days they need parents concern for them in such a way that will help them grow.

In a rapidly changing lifestyle its good to be positive but being negative affects the mind & the soft heart of a child especially. That’s why its necessary to take out quality time to kids as its the need of time as well.

There are some ways through which we as a parents can give a quality time to our kids.

1) Try to understand the Real world- To fulfill basic needs today Husband & wife both works to earn money, but in a purpose of fulfilling the necessities Parents forget that they are somewhere creating a distance between our kids & us. Parents have become so much busy that we can’t even take out time for ourselves as well as for our kids.

Parents tend to physically present with the kids but mentally they are busy in their matters going on in their minds. They are totally involved in a virtual world. Please bring yourself out of this virtual world & try to understand the importance of relations in real life.

2) Take out time for Kids- Now a days Kids are becoming impatient. They began to fight with their siblings even on small things. Sometimes this situation becomes very serious. Kids usually do this when situations become critical. This happens because Kids spend most of the time in imaginary world.

Whatever they listen, they believe it true whereas there is a lot of difference in imaginations & real world. On the other hand, the carelessness of parents is responsible for this. Take out time for kids & make a schedule to take them out for a trip within a weak or 15 days. It will help to spend time with them & be close with kids as well. This will help the kids to be happy.

3) First Follow Yourself- People who use to spend time in different types of social sites usually says what to do, we don’t have time. They become busy in solving problems of relatives & friends living far & suggesting them the solutions. They give advice to others to go on a trip, have fun , suggest them places to go & spend quality time with family but somewhere itself fails to follow it. So first understand yourself & try to make others understand.

4) Give Quality Time- Kids needs sometime for them also from their parents. Parents have time for all the things but don’t have a moment to sit with their kids & listen to them. In this way kids feel loneliness. They want to talk, want to clear their doubts with parents on topics like games, studies, friends & favorite activities.

But when parents don’t give them time then arrogance develops in a child & it gives rise to change in their personality. Therefore Before time flies try to analyse the situations so that as a parents you will be able to face them.

Try to understand their soft nature & give them the quality time they need.

5) Listening is important- If parents want overall development of kids they have to understand their things by keeping themselves in place of their kids by being a friend & not parents & walking with them side by side so that they should share their things without being shy.

By doing this parents would be able to make their kids understand the difference of right & wrong. For the physical & mental development of kids listening to them & spending quality time with them is most important.

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