#Its My Wish When I will like to Marry#

Hello Friends .. The most common problem due to society’s influence that is hampering the development of girls as a daughter .
Read my article & let me know how it is. I would be eagerly waiting to know your views.

Its My Wish When I will like to Marry

In current context, Girls feels that except marriage there are other things also that matters a lot in this world.
Girls believe in making their own identity & focusing on their career says,” Its my wish when I will get marry”..

The moment a girl crosses 25 years of age, whole world tend to worry about her marriage. Whether Parents give her freedom of fulfilling her dreams, but neighbours tension start increasing day by day.
Why the girl is not marrying????
Some people even ask without any hesitation ,” When are you getting married??
These questions irritates a lot & parents always try to give explainations like, she will study further, or she wants to focus on her career.
How worried are the people unnecessarily & try to interfere in personal matters of a girl.

There are some points that needs to be taken care regardless of any meaningless questions of the people, we as a girl try to focus on our selves.

1) Why people become so worried??

There is a saying,” Begaani shaadi mein abdullah deewana”..
It suits perfectly here. If a girl is not marrying, it makes people worried. Why society is worried about marriage?? Why society doesn’t respect the views of girls. Every girl has a right of her liking regarding personal matters, whenever she will find a right person for her, she will get marry but unnecessary worried ness of people hurt us. They don’t understand this thing.

2) Be confident on your decision-
If you are taking any decision for your life then firstof all you have to be confident & strong. People in society thinks you are not happy & they get a chance to give suggestions without being asked.

If Parents give you support by being there with you always in every decision nobody can do anything ever. It usually happens in our absence when we are not around, people come to our parents & try to express their concern regarding this matter. Relatives even don’t interfere when they know that you are doing well because then you have enough to tell them.

3) No pressure on daughter-
Parents these days are equally supporting their daughter’s. They don’t like to force their decisions on their daughter’s. They expect their daughter’s to be self depend, bold & confident enough to handle any situation if occurs in their life by being independent. Marriage is not the final destination in life of a daughter. Time is change & so as the thinking of parents. Its not compulsory to get married. If daughter is self depend & confident, then she doesn’t need to be bound by any such boundations. She can live her life being independent.

4) Excessive influence of Society-
Its been prevalent excessive influence of society always hurt us in one way or the other. In some areas or places where parents are more into societal influence, the thinking of parents get affected. They began to pressurize daughter’s to get marry soon, especially in cases where more than two siblings are there. They think of paying their liabilities as soon as possible before they get retire of their duties. Somewhere this pressure is to such an extent that if any proposal comes whether it is suitable or not daughter’s are being forced to marry in order to let their parents free of so called burden or liabilities.

They have fear in mind the moment daughter crosses 25 years of age, she should get marry soon as what society will say??? Is your daughter having some problem, why is she not married yet.??
How will she be safe in such an environment where daily crimes are happening around..?
To what extent we as a parents will keep our daughter in our home?? & Even somewhere daughter’s are made realized that they are “paraya dhan”.
They need to leave their home & have to go another place , make that home her new family, live new relations & treat that place as her home from the moment she get married.

This norm is totally wrong & meaningless . Daughter’s are also a normal human being like others, they also have feelings, emotions, dreams
& aspirations in their life. When everyone has a freedom of living their life by their own then why not daughters are given freedom of living their life in their own way .

Time is changing so the perspectives
should also be changed. Parents should give freedom to their daughters to live their life their own way by supporting them in every decisions of their life regardless of societal norms & fear of what people will say????

There are instances where daughter’s have stand on their own making their parents feel proud.. No matter they are married or not..

1) Lata Mangeshkar-
Lata ji is the living legend in the field of Music. She is known as Nightingale of India. Being eldest of five siblings she fulfilled all the responsibilities towards her parents & her siblings. She choose a career of singing in a very early age with the purpose of supporting her family financially & she did it even better than a son could do.

2) Ekta kapoor- Ekta kapoor is the owner of Balaji Telefilms. She started her career at an age of 17 years. She borrowed 10000 Rs from her father with the assurance that she will pay him back . She did the efforts, failed in it but never gave up. Because of her consistent efforts she achieved success in her career & made her parents feel proud.

3) Sushmita Sen- Sushmita sen is a famous Celebrity , a diva & Miss universe. She made her career in acting & proved by her marvellous efforts that its our determination that lead us somewhere & even a place which we deserve in life. She became Miss universe. She adopted two kids & became the best single parent for her daughters. She is the live example of what a life of a women as a daughter, as a girl should be regardless of any patriarchal norms prevalent in the society.

Marriage is not the final destination in life of a girl neither it guarantees successful life further but what makes her life successful is her dreams, her aspirations , her spirit of living her life in her own way by being determined, self depend & strong.

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