#life Is a Struggle#

Life is a struggle in which requires patience, consistent efforts & positive attitude as key elements to face the situations, overcome them & win this struggle.

This is a story of Bula chaudhary the first Indian women who became world champion after crossing seven seas.
Recently she was honoured By President of India.She has made several swimming records that are listed till date.

In her childhood she was having a hole in her ear due to which always fungal infection use to occur. Doctor’s recommended that water is her enemy, but she didn’t left swimming. In 1982 after the Asian swimming championship, her ear operation took place. But then also she never left swimming. After few days she came to know that her heart pulse was low & Doctor’s said to fix pacemaker, but she didn’t noticed it & continued doing swimming. She was allergic to sea water but then also she didn’t took care. Recently a medicine of skin treatment reacted in such a way, that would might lead to a situation of coma but any how Doctor’s saved her.

At the age of 9 years old, she started swimming. There was a lake nearby her house., her father use to take her to learn swimming, Her father told her , once upon a time he was going in a boat, & boat sinked in river, somebody saved him, & then he learned swimming himself & thought of making his child swimmer. At the age of 4 years her parents left her in a swimming club which was very far, Her swimming coach said she is very talented girl & he will make her a good swimmer. When she was 9 years old, she became National champion. Till 21 years old she made several records which no one was able to broke. When she was 12 years old she participated in Asian games Delhi. It was her first International Championship, after that she won many International Championship with olympic in which she got 10 gold medals.

She belong to such a place where np body use to know what is swim suit or track suit. When she started swimming, she didn’t had swim suit. Her mother saw a swimming costume somewhere & stitched herself & Bula did swimming with that cotton costume made by her mother. When she came to delhi National camp then she use to practice in frock. She didn’t had track suit. When her friends use to crack jokes on her way of practicing in frock, she ask her father but he didn’t had enough money to buy a swim suit for her. She collected money any how & then bought a swim suit. When she was 11 years old she came to Indian camp, where a German Coach selected her for Asian games. People use to say, how will she win, but she didn’t bothered & did eforts a lot & became a champion & when won the medals these were the people who valued her achievement.

She got married, her husband Sanjeev chakraborty is also a International swimmer. He is the fastest swimmer of India. He supported Bula a lot after marriage.

She is honoured four times by President . She has got Arjun award. Tensing Norgey National Adventure award, she participated in 26 january Republic Day parade also this year. She is awarded by Padma shree award. She is the only one in her family who is associated with sports.

Bula chaudhary’s life journey has given a message that as a women we should never think that we are female, & we can’t do anything. Every girl possess a talent, the only need is to bring that hidden talent out. We should fight for our talent, for our aim & should empower ourselves as well as other women’s. When women’s will be empowered, then only a family prospers.

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