#Nothing is Impossible#

Once there was a boy named Rahul, he had two friends Ranjit and Joy. All three of them were best friends, their classmates use to crack jokes, make fun of them as they were deaf and dumb but they didn’t bothered.Their friendship was an ideal friendship. They were among the brilliant students of school.
After completing studies they pursued Engineering in computer science from one of the premier institute. After that all the three of them joined Top companies as a Software Engineer.They thought of an idea, a new hope that should give disable people an identity.
People should see them with a respect, instead of cracking jokes and making fun of them. They started a Restaurant in a posch area of Chennai. In that Restaurant they hired all deaf and dumb people as its staff. People use to doubt its success in starting,” how will it work, they can’t speak and hear, then how will they be able to operate it”..
They run Restaurant with a unique technique of taking orders through sign language.They made it a successful venture and opened its second branch as well.
Their spirit really proved them the best Entrepreneurs. They proved that its nothing to do with physical abilities to do something in life rather its our spirit, our positive attitude and our capability that leads us somewhere in life.
Physically disable people have the real spirit of living a life with the courage of facing all the adversities and breaking all the barriers.

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