#Short Story#

Once upon a time there was a person .
He use to worship God daily. He was a person with a good heart, a kind nature & was hard working as well.
He always use to help people in need, people suffering from financial crises in life.
Once there a time came in his life , when everything was going worse, he & his family was suffering from financial crises. He was facing severe situations in his life. One day he saw a dream , ” God appeared in.his dream ,” he asked God in my life i never did anything wrong, always helped people, never hurted others, always did my deeds well then why it only happened with me, why me & my family is suffering from miseries..
God replied,” happiness & sorrow are part of life, if happiness will only be there then no one will value it..
That’s why life is made up of ups & downs to make you realize the worth of happiness & to make you strong so that you can face any adversity if comes in life.

Person replied,” i agree with you, but why people with good heart suffers a lot..
God replied,” a jeweler examines diamond several times before making its jewellery.
Likewise I examine my creation in form of people with good heart by giving difficulties in their life, to make them strong, determined & better than before..


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