#First Impression is not always Right#

Usually at first meeting only we start believing that a person is good or bad, but many times such a belief proves wrong. Therefore to understand any person we should give ourselves a little time.

For an instance A guy doesn’t looks good at first we meet him because he was not looking good, & that’s why he gets rejected in an interview. Many times on the basis of our perception we form our views towards people without understanding them. There is a saying in English “First impression is the last Impression”that is true to some extent, but its not so important that help us to form our opinion about people.

There are some points to be taken care of:

1) It will take sometimes:

There are many types of people around us. Some are very social & cheerful known as Extroverts who become familiar with others at first meeting only. It becomes easy to understand these type of people.

But some people are of shy & silent nature known as introvert. According to pyschologists when we meet some one first time we come to know only few things & on the basis of our previous experience we begin to form our views, which proves wrong many times, that’s why if on first meeting a negative image forms in our mind, then also we shouldn’t believe it to be true, rather we should wait & try to understand that person with patience.

2) The Effect of Atmosphere:

Here I will quote an instance one day i went to meet a family who just shifted nearby my house in locality. When i went to meet the lady, the moment i stepped into the stairs, i listened her voice shouting on her kids, the moment i listened her voice, the first thought that came in my mind was, this lady would be very arrogant, but later i came to know that day she was arranging the household stuff , & her locker keys got misplaced & her kids were asking her to watch the TV. This was the reason she was scolding the kids. After knowing the truth i felt very bad about my thought & later on she became my good friend.

It usually happens we begin to form our opinion for a person on the basis of our perception formed when we met a person first time, which is not always true.

3) Its important to Understand:

Every person have a different layers of personality, which opens up slowly slowly with the passage of time. Its wrong to form an opinion about a person on the basis of first meeting only. Its better to give sometime to yourself to understand that person. It will help to form a balanced opinion about a person.

Some Important Facts

1) When you meet a person for a first time don’t get too much influenced by him or her, because some people are masters in art of making a good impression on others . Its better to observe these types of people for sometime & then form an opinion about them.

2) If during a conversation a person continuously speaking about himself & not giving a single chance to you to speak, then don’t trust these people easily.

3) To understand Introvert People you should start talking with them, so that they should feel comfortable, then only they will be able to talk frankly with you.

4) When we are tense, then we don’t take much interest in meeting a person. It develops a negative perception in our mind for that person. Therefore we should meet that person again when we have a pleasant mood.

Hello Friends. Hope my blog will be helpful to you. Read it & let me know how is it. Will be waiting for your views.

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