#There Should be a Particular Criteria for Selecting Groom#

In Arrange Marriages whenever girl’s parents went to selecting a groom usually see the family background, the home & in most of the cases only.a guy , if he looks good, mature & nice they just select him as a prospective groom for their daughter, while when groom’s parents come to.see the prospective bride, they usually begin to judge her on various aspects, whether she knows to cook food, whether she is qualified, whether she is capable of managing home, whether she will be able to adjust in their family, whether she is having fair complexion , smart looks, good personality, whether she will be able to leave work after marriage as per family requirements, Is this the right way, in my views no & never, why a girl is expected to be perfect in every way , while a boy is perfect or not, why a boy is not judged on these various aspects. This is the main reason why a girl suffers after marriage. In my views a girl’s parents should also have a criteria of selecting a prospective groom for her daughter. They should also judge a groom on all the basis including physical appearance, education, work, personal values so that they should also be aware of what type of a person a guy is. Whether he matches their daughter, In our Indian families it usually happens that parents believe in a norm, ladka to theek hona chahiye bus, job honi chahiye , family achi honi chahiye , bus aur kya chahiye humein. This is totally wrong, they should think the love , the support , the care that they have given to their daughter since childhood, will they would get the same love & support in their future home. They should think that its not good & nice nature & good family background that makes a guy good , but its also his capability of being self depend, good education, maturity of holding responsibilities & work that makes him a perfect guy for their daughters.

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