#Never Give Up#

There is a fact the women’s who use to be unique in their efforts, unique in their personality have proved that its not the physical appearance but its your efforts, its your determination and the spirit of never giving up which leads you stands somewhere in a society. The women’s with this spirit have always created a history.

A lady a women who is an inspiration for every women. Being a leading character in TV Serial to a youngest Cabinet Minister in Government. This is a small intro which defines Smriti Irani. Being brought up in Delhi Smriti Irani was born in a cross cultural middle class family to a Punjabi father and a Bengali mother on Mar 23 1976. Smriti is the among three siblings as sisters. She married to a Businessman Zubin Irani and have two daughter’s and one son. Being eldest sibling she always supported her family financially by being Self depend and she did it even better than a son could do. After completing her high school she joined a beauty care product manufacturing company with a salary of 200 Rs per month.

After that she tried with her efforts to get a good start. She thought of becoming an Air Hostess with the aim of supporting her family with a purpose of giving a good standard of living to her family and saw an add in a classified. She applied to that job and went for an interview. At the time of Interview she got rejected as she didn’t qualified the criteria. But she didn’t loose her spirit and did efforts.

One day she saw an add in classified in Mc.Donald regarding Assistant manager. she applied & went for an interview. She was replied by the staff of Mc. Donald ,” All the vacant positions have been filled, now only one post is left and that will not be suitable for you.”..

Smriti Irani ask which vacancy is left”

The Staff replied,” cleaning and mopping”..

Smriti said,” will be interested to do this job and she started her career and joined Mc. Donald’s as a lower level employee with a salary of 1800 per month. She didn’t loose her never giving spirit in her entire life and proved that its nothing to do with small or big job. Its only your spirit, your efforts and positive attitude in life that leads you somewhere in life.

While doing job at Mc Donald’s after sometime she thought of coming Mumbai and try her luck in acting. She did an audition in Ekta kapoor’s Serial cast and got selected & finally started her career in acting in Tele serials of Balaji Telefilms production house. Her most popular serial which has created a historic record in Tele serials was Kyunki Saas Bhi kabhi bahu thi..

In which she got a lead role..& it was one of the most popular TV serial. This serial has gave her such a fame that people use to call her Tulsi …and were so much attached with her that anyhow they never use to miss a single episode of this serial. After that many TV serials she did.. But then also she didn’t stopped. She believe in a fact that success is a journey which has to go a long way ahead. She did continuous efforts and hardwork which led her to politics.. and she joined BJP and started her career in politics..

She started with becoming the member of Rajya sabha and after that she became Human Resources and Development Minister, Textile minister and now she is Information and Broadcasting Minister..

Smriti irani has really led an example for all the women’s with the spirit of doing something in life on your own with a Success Mantra ”
Every person has to go through failure to achieve an ultimate aim in life.. Which has made her stand in the Society as the most Eminent Personality.

Her lifetime Achievements

1) She won four consecutive Indian Television Academy Awards in 2001,2002, 2003 & 2004 for her role as Tulsi Virani in the serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

2) Smriti Irani bagged the Indian Telly Awards in the year 2002, 2003 & 2006.

3) She was felicitated with the Great Women Achievers Award in 2005.

4) Indian Television Academy Award as Milestone for her leading character of Tulsi Virani in Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.

5) Garv Indian TV Awards honoured her with the Best TV Personality of the Decade Award in 2014.

With the whole nation talking about Smriti Irani speech in the lok sabha and the emotional eye- opening answer to the opposition, one can’t help but think of what a powerful personality is. Ever since she became the HRD Minister and entered BJP Government, some have praised her & some criticized her but she never gave up.

From being an Eminent Actor to a youngest Minister as a Politician in BJP Government, there are major life lessons that we all can learn from this Brave Lady.

1) Patience & Determination are Essential-

Smriti Irani comes from a lower middle class family and is the eldest of three sisters. Since her young day she supported and took care of her family. Since an early age she has always tried to take the load off her parents shoulders by helping them manage the house.

Fulfilling her responsibilities has always been her priority. Her dream was to become an IAS offocer or journalist but those dreams couldn’t come true. Today all journalists wait for a chance to get to speak with her and get her comments. It’s her patience and dedication that has given her well – deserved success.

2) Hard work pays off always-

Stardom and Success doesn’t come overnight, neither is the attainment of it is easy and Smriti Irani is a perfect example of it.

Before becoming the Television Sensation, she has struggled & worked at Mc Donald’s Bandra, Mumbai. She use to clean stairs and mop the floor. Meanwhile she auditioned for various Tv serials and waited for an opportunity. Her hard work finally paid off when she bagged the role of “Tulsi” in the very famous serial of Ekta kapoor’s Balaji production ” kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”.

3) Celebrate Diversity-

Smriti Irani comes from a family which truly shows the essence of our country, our diversity in culture. Her father being Punjabi- Maharastrian & her mother being a Bengali- Assamese and her husband being Parsi, its true to say that she understands the nature and diversity of this country and is proud of it. No matter which part of the country you belong to, No matter what your mother tongue is, at the end of the day you are an Indian, you sing the same national anthem as do 1.252 billion other people. Be proud to be the citizen of the largest democracy in the world.

4) Speak your Mind, Be Confident & Believe in Yourself & be Just-

Taking the latest example of Smriti Irani’s Speech in the Lok Sabha, those who have seen and heard the speech , you must have seen the way she spoke in front of opposition. She presented documents, facts and did not fear anyone. She falsified all the allegations put on her by her by providing evidence. While other Politicians gave shockingly unbelievable comments on rape cases in our country, she always advocated Capital punishments for rapists.

5) Education is not everything in life-

Many people have commented on her completely as a Cabinet Minister but she proved everyone wrong. She dropped out of school to pursue her acting career. There is nothing wrong with it. She is the lady who believes in judging anyone according to his or her work as deeds not by his or her education.

6) Respect for Indian Armed forces

When General GD Bakshi couldn’t hold his tears back on national television. While people were busy debating a soldier was shedding tears while defending National Flag. Smriti Irani’s phone call came to GD Bakshi which makes us realize how thankless we are of the sacrifices soldiers make for our nation and for us Patriotism only comes on occasions. No nation can attain success and prosperity if it doesn’t have the basic respect & pride for its soldiers, its heroes and its saviours.

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