#Happy Period#

Its been prevalent notion in our society since Earlier times that Menstruation is a taboo. There used to be norms like.. Girls & women’s were not allowed to enter the temple, they were not allowed to sleep on bed for seven days instead they were asked to sleep on floor, they were not even allowed to cook food as if the food will become ” Apavitra”. Even in some places till today these norms are followed. These norms have made women’s feel ashamed of themselves. They use to believe as if they are a sort of untouchables.

Why are these norms still prevalent & in existence till today, time has changed a lot & so as the trend , now we are living in 21st century. But then also we are somewhere not so open minded in these matters. There are the places, the interior backward areas where women’s still hesitate to share their views regarding this matter, somewhere these norms are responsible for their hesitation.

In my views Menstruation should not be a matter of a hesitation rather it should be a matter of utmost concern where awareness should be created in such a way that would encourage girls & women’s feel happy instead of feeling ashamed , & should be bold & confident enough to speak up & express their views on this matter.

Girls should be supported by each & every family member in a family to help them go through these stressful days by making them bold & confident as its the first step to make our daughters capable to speak for themselves. They should feel happy & proud instead of feeling embarrassed.

A happy women a happy girl leads to a happy family, it is true, when our daughters will be happy our family will be happy obviously..

Lets join our hands together to support our daughter’s as a parents , our sister’s & women’s , let’s be their helping hands so that they should have a happy period by enjoying every moment of their life happily.😊

Happy Reading 😊😊

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