Every child has something to say.

Childhood is full of many unfolded things , the fantasies, the hopes, the little imaginations which sail like a boat in a river in the form of dreams which every kid have. In their little eyes, tiny heart & small brain they have lots of ambitions that we could ever think of. Their thought process is beyond our expectations. Every child is special in itself that we as a parents need to understand.

The only thing as a parents is to know, to understand & to give them the right direction so that they should achieve something they deserve in life.
Now a days kids are already going through a big pressure of heavy bags, uncountable books, huge syllabus, & a tough competition due to which their childhood is lost somewhere. Everytime a pressure is in their mind, instead of enjoying their life in doing funny things & playing outdoor games which usually they should do at this stage.

In such a scenario we as a parents should support them, encourage them & motivate them every time in form of our love by letting them free in doing whatever they want to so that they can live their life enjoying every single moment of childhood by chasing their dreams. Its not important to make them studios, & all rounder in every field but what matters is kids should be encouraged to to do their best in whatever they feel interested, because this will motivate them on one hand to do their best as well as on ther hand will make them self depend.

This will make them happy & they will love their work which will obviously lead them to a bright future.

These lines depicts what every child want to say & we as a parents need to understand.

“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance , wanna grow up once again”..

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