Simple Living & High Thinking

This is a real story of my Nanaji. Late Shri Ved Phool Singh. He was a Famous Doctor & renowned personality & a Pradhan of 40 villages being one of the richest person of Muzaffarnagar. Despite of being a renowned personality he was a person who use to believe in simple living & high thinking. He used to help people in need, & people suffering from financial crises.

Despite being rich he used to have a simple lifestyle. He was the middlest of his siblings in his family. Being the middlest of all he used to be the most responsible child. He pursued BAMS from Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar. Keeping in view the financial status of his family he used to go daily on a bicycle to university from Muzaffarnagar to Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar for pursuing his studies. After pursuing BAMS he used to practice in a clinic in Baghra.

People from Muzaffarnagar & even far places used to come for treatment at Nanaji’s clinic. He was a hardworking person with a positive spirit & a great personality. He used to believe in “karma” & a fact that we should never be proud of ourselves, as when we leave this world, we have to go empty hands, nothing goes with us. He never used to be a person having fond of materialistic things.

He did efforts a lot & earned all the amenities & the leisure of life by being consistent in his efforts. He treated his sons & daughters equally. At that time when daughters were not given importance, he encouraged all his daughters to pursue higher studies & even supported his daughter inlaws. He never used to differentiate between his daughters & daughter in-laws. He supported his daughter in-law in pursuing Career in Medical field & availed all the expenses of her studies in becoming a Gynecologist.

He devoted his entire life in the service of humanity in such a way that was itself an inspiration for his childrens.

Whenever i use to see his photo, i see a person who lived his entire life always with a smile on his face, which hided many struggles he has faced & many failures he has overcome to get that smile.

That’s the real spirit of living a life is.

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