Be Proud of Who You Are.

“To live with all the abilities in life is not a big deal, but having disabilities in life & then living your life perfectly is the biggest achievement in life & the people who have this spirit are the born survivor’s”.

This Quote proves right for those people who have proven that it’s not the physical capabilities & the appearance that makes you achieve something in life rather it’s your spirit & your attitude that encourage you to achieve something in life & makes you stand somewhere in society.

Meet Aejya Naaz Joshi, who being a transgender made her way, faced all the difficulties, but didn’t give up, preceded 22 Female contestants & became the First Transsexual Miss World Diversity 2018. Today the whole world says her ” We are proud of you”.

When she was young & used to live in Delhi. She believed herself as a girl only, never thought that she is a boy. Her all the activities were similar to that of a girl. Her parents sent her Mumbai, so that people wouldn’t come to know that she is a transsexual. Her life has been full of struggles since childhood, she is from Delhi, her father is Punjabi & her mother is Muslim. Her upbringing took place in her Maternal uncle’s family. She worked in restaurants. A mishappening happened with her, but it didn’t diverted her towards the wrong path. She wanted to do something that should owe her respect in the society. Education matters for her a lot. She took admission in NIFT & scored Top Rank in it. After that she pursued an MBA in Marketing from IMT through correspondence because she was not given regular admission.

She is the First Transsexual women who has been portrayed on the cover page of International Magazine. She did efforts a lot, but never got a respect that usually general people get. When she entered Modeling, she met Rishi Taneja photographer, he made a biopic on her. After seeing that Biopic, some media houses gave her a break & she came on the cover page. She was not accepted at first, but she didn’t give up & thought of making her life better.

She has taken a big step towards bringing a change. Her vision is doing something for the welfare of the girls, especially in rural areas by opening a computer institute in rural areas to impart free education to girls so that that can become self depend.

When her glamorous shoot took place & she came on the cover page of an international magazine, she thought she had a dream, but then her parents called her up & said her ” We are proud of You”, that was the happiest moment for her. They called her up in Mumbai & now she lives with them. She believes humanity as her religion. She thinks the love & respect that she didn’t get, she would be able to give to those people who need it.

In her words ” It’s nothing like that if society has not accepted me, I should do the same”..

She did many fashion shows, after that she participated in many beauty pageants. She organizes a Mrs. Homemaker competition & under this banner she has organized six beauty pageants till now.

She has been a show stopper in the Rajasthan Designer Festival in 2014.

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