#Book Review – Becoming – Mischelle Obama.

Hello Everyone. What are you reading this weekend?

Becoming is the best memoir I ever read. This is being written by Mischelle Obama. Her way of writing this memoir & the way she scripted it very well justifies the title of the script.

The moment we grew up, the first question people invariably use to ask us is what you want to be when you grow up & that is a misleading & even a detrimental question which is being asked to know about one’s career goal, which suggest a dismal finality: you are your profession, & when you get the job you want, your individual development stops.

She may have remained where she was in her mid-twenties: a Harvard-educated attorney at a prestigious law firm in Chicago. But instead of following a standard corporate career path toward a prestigious reputation and upper-middle class success, Michelle embraced the idea of becoming.

For Michelle, this meant identifying the values important to her—serving her community, nurturing her family—while adapting to the demands of life and keeping herself nourished.
One aspect that makes this book remarkable is Michelle’s immensely personal approach to her life and her writing.

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