A Writer Without A Pen- Vinayana Khurana.

They see my wheelchair,o
I see my mobility,
They see my defects,
I see my effects,

They ask me,
Why are you proud,
Being a person with disability,
Why don’t you just get rid of it,

Is there no treatment for it?
I tell them No,
They say god bless you,
And I say god bless you too,

Why would I be ashamed to be normal?
Yeah… This is normal for me,
I don’t stick to the conventional notion of normality,
We are all normal from different aspects,

Different shapes,
And different sizes,
My wheelchair is the most normal thing I see,
You don’t see it.. That’s your problem, not mine,

I see my disability,
As a pride,

As something to boast about,
I’m a proud Disabled,
Because I don’t Diss my Abilities…..

Vinayana Khurana- A Proud Disabled. She has completed masters in English literature from Delhi university. She is a young woman with Cerebral Palsy but that is not her identity. She’s a writer, a poet and a dancer. Writing is her passion, and she can be called as a writer without a pen.

She has also written about the topic disability on various platforms like Youth ki Awaaz, Campus Vibes and Inclov. She also writes her views on various issues on her own blog, named Vinayana’s world.

She has spoken at various national conferences, one of them was organized by CBM, who is working for an inclusive world. These conferences deal with topics of inclusion and accessibility. She has also been on the radio show by all India radio, on disability and inclusion.

She has also published her book Vinayana’s World. This book is a collection of poems written by her.

The link to her book is



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