# A lady who is an Inspiration for all the Women’s#

“Khudi ko kar Buland itna ki, ki khuda bande se ye pooche, bata teri raza kya hai”

Smriti Irani – Honorable Information & Broadcasting Minister.

There is a fact ,people who use to be unique in their efforts, unique in their personality , & who have proved that its not the physical appearance but its your efforts, its your determination & the spirit of never giving up which leads you stands somewhere in a society.The people with this spirit have always created a history.

The person who has paved the way ,who has led an inspiration for all the women’s & proved that its nothing but only your efforts ,& your spirit that will help you to achieve your goal, make you achieve something in your life..
Is none the other Our Honourable Broadcasting & Information Minister Smriti Irani…Whose entire life is an inspiration for us.

Smriti Irani wanted to become an Air hostess.. But due to the physical appearance criteria she got rejected ,but she didn’t give up & started her career from MC Donald’s with such a small amount of salary & a small job..
No work is small & big ,its only our perception & our views that makes it valuable or worthless.

After that she tried hard ,did a lot of efforts & finally started her career in acting in Tele serials of Balaji Telefilms production house. Her most popular serial which has created a historic record in Tele serials was Kyunki Saas Bhi kabhi bahu thi..
In which she got a lead role..& it was one of the most popular TV serial. This serial has gave her such a fame that people use to call her Tulsi …& were so much attached with her that anyhow they never use to miss a single episode of this serial. After that many TV serials she did.. But then also she didn’t stopped. She did continuous efforts & hardwork which led her to politics.. & she joined BJP & started her career in politics..

She started with becoming the member of Rajya sabha & after that she became Human Resources & Development Minister, Textile minister & now she is Information & Broadcasting Minister..

Smriti irani has really led an example for all the women’s with the spirit of doing something in life on your own with a Success Mantra ”
Every person has to go through failure to achieve an ultimate aim in life.. Which has made her stand in the Society as the most Eminent Personality.

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