#Some Useful Apps For Kids#

Modern parenting has changed its role in many ways . Smart parents are using smart phones to teach the kids.

As a mother of small kids mother use to think always how easily would the kids will learn to recognize & read the alphabets .

Some of the smart apps are there which can help to solve this problem as well as make the kids smart .They are-

1) Funbrain junior- This app is for the pre school kids. With the help of this app kids use to learn how to make alphabets, numbers, & making shapes. For an instance, for filling the pool arranging pipes on which alphabets are written . To complete the pattern selecting the right pic .

2) AB C kids – Tracing & phonix- This app helps pre school kids to practice writting . With the help of this app kids practice to write alphabets while tracing them.

3) Elmo loves 123- To make the kids learn 1 to 20 counting in numbers, easy addition & substraction through practice this app is made. Kids use to practice writing through this app.

4) Alpha Tots app- This is an award winning app. With the help of this kids learn to know how to make alphabets & words through them. It includes puzzles, interactive mini games & poems.

5) Kids ABC letter Art- In this app with the help of games kids can learn A B C D . Sliding colourful puzzles help to know the hidden alphabets in words. In its free version from A to S alphabets are there. For complete alphabet series app needs to be purchased.

6) Play 123- In this app friendly voice guide is there to make kids learn to know colours, numbers & different shapes.

7) Endless Alphabet- This app is for kids of above 3 years. Through this app kids learn to make new words & their spellings. No time limit is there in this game nor the problem of scoring rank. That’s why kids can enjoy this app stress free.

8) Read Me stories- kids love to listen stories. This app daily one ebook is added & the moment story moves forward, word starts highlighting individually so that kids should have practice of reading.

9) duolingo- This app is for above six year kids. If kids are learning foreign language in schools then this app will help them a lot. Spanish, french , german, italian , portuguese languages basic knowledge is given in this app.

Besides Apps there are many Educational Tablet & I-pad .with the help of these kids can learn many things while playing . For an instance , key CG slate tablet. In this tablet activities are designed according to NCERT curriculum which includes interactive books, animation, worksheet & games. Hello friends Read my blog & let me know how is it. Views are welcome

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